Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Big Kids

 We recently discovered window markers.  I spotted these at the store a few months ago but was just now brave enough to let the kids try them.  We started out small by just allowing them to use one marker to draw but they have been great listeners and knock on wood so far we do not have any lasting marks on our curtains, walls or floor so they have since moved on to using the entire pack.

Cole has been going through a phase where he is "scared of his room".  I have tried to understand what exactly scares him but have yet to figure it out.  I honestly think that it is just developmentally appropriate at this age to be scared of the dark.  Cole has a sweet sister who often sleeps in his room on the spare bed to help comfort him but one night he found comfort in sleeping on the dining room floor.  Can you tell he enjoys puzzles?  He hands were still holding a couple of pieces when he finally fell asleep!

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