Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Day in the Life of Reidy

 "There's a shoe in the toliet, dear Liza, Dear Liza.  A Shoe in the toliet, dear Liza, a SHOE!"  The story goes something like this--- Cole goes into the powder room to go to the bathroom and announces that there is a shoe in the toliet.  That about sums things up.  I'm 100% certain that little REidy is the culprit.  He moved on from ducks to trying to say "shoes" and "socks" and is obsessed with carrying them around.  He knows exactly where his shoes are when I ask him to get them and the other day he heard me say:  "Cole, where is your other sock? (Yes, Cole has a new habit of removing one of his socks when he is upstairs for quiet time) and Reid went to the clothes basket to try to find Cole another sock.

 The vacuum is a favorite toy these days.
Reid is a great eater.  When he gave up nursing, he became very interested in table food.  These days he eats  what we eat and gets very angry if I won't hand him exactly what he has in mind.  For example, tonight I was trying to hold him off on eating for a few minutes until daddy got home but he decided that he wanted small graham crackers.  First i caught him looking through the diaper bag for some and then he was screaming at the pantry door.  This kid has a temper and definitely lets his feelings be known!

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