Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Day 2012

Right after school started, Gwen got her first cold.  Daddy decided to stay home with her while I took the boys to check out this free event.  

 Cole starting the fireman obstacle course
 Climbing through the window
 Squirting the fire hose (for a few seconds before he started crying because his finger was squished in there somehow)
 My boys :)
 Watching the clown show.
We received (and declined) many free gifts at the event but the winner by far was Reid's red target frisbee.

Right around the time of this event was when Pap Pap was visiting and within minutes of him leaving I got a message from Nana saying that she was heading to the hospital for chest pain.  Thankfully everything turned out fine.  Nana spent one night in the hospital for observation and the doctor said that she was probably having artery spasms.

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