Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1st Day of 4 Year Old Preschool

On Monday, September 10, 2012, Cole and Gwen went to preschool at First Presbyterian Church for the first time.  The week prior I took them for a meet and greet with their teachers, Mrs. Bacon and Mrs. Lynch.  I did some housekeeping stuff with Mrs. Lynch while Mrs. Bacon did an informal assessment of the kids and I was told that they did a great job.  The kids and I talked a lot about the first day of school that week in anticipation of the big day.  I honestly was not very worried about them.  One of the many perks to having twins is that I knew that they would have each other.  If one was feeling sad or scared, the other would comfort him/her.  If one needed something but did not want to speak up, the other would do it.  Going into the whole thing, I thought Cole might get a little upset the first day BUT as we stood outside the classroom door waiting for the teachers to welcome everyone, i could tell that both kids were a little nervous.  When i saw Gwen's nerves, I got a little scared that if she freaked out, Cole would melt down as well.  Thankfully, when the moment arrived, they both kissed me goodbye and walked through the door hand in hand and I actually managed to get a picture of that special moment :)  When I went to pick them up, they ran out and were very excited to tell me about their first day of school.  

Dressed and ready to go!

 All loaded up in the car.  Notice how Gwen's doll, Matilda, rides in her infant carseat and even has a headrest and blankets.
 Waiting to to into their classroom
They walked in holding hands :)

So far we are very happy with their experiences at 1st Pres.  It has been difficult for me to go from knowing what they do every second of every day to not knowing but they are slowly starting to tell me more details about their time at school.  Their teachers say that they are both doing very well even though they are the youngest in their class.  Every once a while Mrs. Bacon or Mrs. Lynch will tell me a quirky little story about one of them which makes me think that they have both taken the time to get to know Gwen and Cole individually.  Here are the stories:  1.  One day when i was dropping them off both teachers came out to tell me about an incident that had occurred the prior day.  Mrs. Lynch said explained that after snack they can choose which color carpet square to sit on for storytime.  I wanted to stop her there because i totally knew what had happened (Yes, Gwen finished first and ran over to sit on the green carpet square because she knew it would upset Cole).  Of course their teachers said that this had happened but both seemed to think i was crazy when i said that she had done it on purpose to get a rise out of Cole.  Really?  Do they not think that she knows exactly how to push Cole's buttons.  2.  One day Mrs. Bacon came to the door to tell me that she loves Cole's enthusiasm.  She said that whenever they are changing activities, he is the first one there and bubbling with excitement about what they are going to do next.  Also, she noted that he puts his hands up to his face and jumps up and down with excitement.  Yup, that's my Cole :)

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