Monday, April 23, 2012

Reidster is an Explorer

Our little man has been enjoying being able to move around and explore recently. He does everything possible to get around (rolling one direction, crawling backwards, hopping onto all fours and rocking) except he has yet to figure out how to crawl forward. He is very strong and does all kinds of yoga positions like the downward facing dog. This past week he started getting into a sitting position from his belly. He leans to his side and pushes himself up. He is very interested in textures. I don't remember Gwen and Cole being interested in textures like he is. When Reid is nursing he constantly feels the chair we are in and he always wants to run his fingers across anything he can reach. This past Tuesday (4/17) in the middle of the night i noticed that his breathing wasn't right. I took him to the ER and it turned out that he had pneumonia. My friend, Christina Willardson's hubby was his doctor and he had good care. In the end we made the decision to bring him home and continue breathing treatments and follow up visits with the pedi and the allergist. It looks like he may have inherited my asthma in addition to my allergies :(

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