Friday, April 6, 2012

A Few Stories

1. One of the first times Andy watched all three kids he walked down to school to pick the big kids up while pushing Reid in the stroller. Apparently on the way home Cole had a temper tantrum and Andy decided to carry Cole while pushing the stroller (Gwen hangs on the stroller for dear life and won't even let go when i beg her to go play!). When Andy was dealing with all of this a random neighbor stopped him and said: "Don't worry. This is just a phase and you are a good dad. You are a good dad". Andy was not offended at all but I can't help but think that the same lady would never have stopped to say that to me. I'm thinking she probably would have been thinking: "Get your three kids under control" if it were me and the kids.

2. I know Moms have Mommy Guilt over everything but I really struggled a few weeks back when I did not know that the baby monitor was not working one night. I slept from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am and did not hear Reid crying to be fed or soothed. Obviously he survived the night but I feel so badly knowing that he must have woken up at least 3 times looking for me and I wasn't there. The only plus was that I got more sleep then i had in 6 months.

3. I may have written about this story already but I don't want to miss it if i have not. A few months back Andy took Gwen and Cole to the Science Center. He had to go to the bathroom and had the kids go in the stall with him. He did not realize that they had mastered the skill of opening the stall lock and they promptly opened it and started running around the mens room. Andy couldn't do anything besides yell: "Come back. you're going to get hurt!" at which point he heard a thump and Cole started crying. The next thing he knew, Cole was crawling towards him under the stall. Andy didn't tell me this story that night but swears up and down that both kids had baths. Uggh. the thought of all of the germs in the mens room is enough to make me ill!

4. A few mornings ago Reid got up around 5:30 am and was ready to play. Andy is a sweetheart and always gets up with the kids in the morning since i'm still up 3-5 times during the night. He decided that he wanted more sleep so he put Reid in the bouncey seat in our room with some toys and went back to bed. When Andy's alarm went off, Reid's bouncey seat was tipped over and Reid was crawling and rolling around the room. Thankfully he was safe and Daddy learned his lesson.

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