Friday, April 6, 2012


I've been trying to write a bunch of things the kids have said down recently. It seems like several times each day they say something that cracks Andy and I up! Here are just a handful:

1. Cole likes to make sure that everyone knows what Mommy and Daddy say. After I explain something he will turn to Gwen (who was in the same room the entire time) and say: "Gwen, Mommy said that we have to get dressed in 10 minutes".

2. Cole keeps a running tally of the many things that Mommy forgets. One day when he realized that I had forgotten to bring the sling to the park he said: "Uh oh, mama, you forgot the sling and remember you forgot the washcloths?" (Yes, Cole, i did forget the washcloths a few days back!)

3. Both kids are very interested in memorizing the names of playgrounds/parks recently. When I tell them that we are going to Ricky Park, they proudly say: "Ricky Park where Mommy's water broke"

4. At school the kids have been learning to recite nursery rhymes. One night at dinner Cole busted out with the entire Hey Diddle Diddle complete with the cutest little chuckle after "the little dog laughed".

5. When i was in DE with Reid I called to say goodnight to the kids. Gwen said: "Mommy, you be good for Reid"

6. When the kids got home from visiting the fish hatchery with Daddy, Jeff, Noah and Emmalyn, I asked them what they did. Gwen's response was: "Mommy, Jeff got duck poop on his knees. Do not worry. He wiped it off." It is funny the things that stand out in their minds.

7. Both kids talk to Reid with the same tone and words as I do. It is so strange to listen to them knowing that they pick these things up from me.

8. Cole uses phrases that Andy and i say on a daily basis. some of his favorites are: "Sure, Mommy, sure" when I ask him if he wants something. He also says things like: "Perfect, Mommy" and when he's frustrated he says "Oh, man!"

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