Friday, April 6, 2012

First Two Egg Hunts

In the past week the kids have participated in the Club Mom and MMLV Easter Egg hunts. The Club Mom one was held outside on a chilly morning. Gwen and Cole were part of the big kid crowd. They ran to gather eggs and enjoyed putting on the bunny sacks for the hopping contest. When the contest started they both started fussing and promptly removed the sacks. At least i got a pic first :) The MMLV egg hunt was indoors and the twins were in the younger group. They were super excited about their cheerios and goldfish findings (as were Mommy and Daddy becasue the past few times they have had sugar they have been bouncing off the walls!). Reid helped himself to his own egg out of Cole's easter basket. He was VERY into gumming it and did not give it up willingly.

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