Monday, April 23, 2012

Bikes and Bunny

A few days before Eater we gave Cole and Gwen their big kid balance bikes. Actually Andy gave them their helmets first and they were super excited to wear them outside. Then when we got to the garage they saw their new bikes. Gwen took to hers right away and started scooting down the sidewalk. In true Cole fashion he was not all that thrilled (I know, I know...he IS smiling in the pic!) After riding for a few minutes, Cole decided that he would rather sit on his big wheel and push with his feet. We're hoping he'll gain a little more enthusiasm for his big boy bike soon.

Below is a pic of the kids in their easter masks that they got at the Club Mom Easter Party. Notice how Gwen wanted to include her special bunny in the pic? This is the last pic we have of bunny with one ear (I don't think you can even see it). A few days later I found bunny's ear in the bounce house. Gwen didn't notice that it was missing until she was lying down to go to bed that night. She did not freak out but she did call me upstairs to tell me. Unfortunately, it looks like bunny's head is the next thing to go. i hope little Bunny can hang in there because she sure is one loved little bunny!

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