Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter 2012 is full of sickness

We can't seem to stay well around here. Right before Valentines Day Gwen and Cole picked up a virus that wiped them out for at least a week. It was the sickest that we had seen them. My poor little ones could barely get up off of the couch/bed to do anything :( Here is a pic of the night they started to feel sick (at the time we didn't know they were ill and found it quite amusing that they slept in the car and then on the family room floor for a few hours before bed). Once they started feeling better, Reid started with some cold symptoms but unfortunately it turned into RSV. The doctor says that Gwen and Cole most likely had it as well but may have had milder cases because they had Synagis shots when they were infants due to prematurity. It really is strange to think that RSV is the reason why we stayed in the house with Cole and Gwen for the first six months. REid was definitely sick (wheezing and needing breathing treatments every few hours) but thankfully he did not have to go to the hospital. This is the second time that I have really had a mother's instinct (first time when cole ended up with pneumonia and I took him to Kristin's house and Andy's work to get their opinions)--The morning that I decided to take Reid to the pedi's office I told Andy that i was going to call and he said: "he just has a cold" but I just had a feeling that it was something more. I ended up at the pedi's office with three kids, which was quite amusing. The doctor and nurse needed to get Reid's O2 levels and we could not get him calmed down and still enough to get a good reading. I ended up nursing the baby while Gwen, Cole, nurse and doctor all leaned over us to try to get the reading (Gwen and Cole were thrilled to "help" but the nurse certainly didn't realize that she should not have offered one pinwheel for them to share while I was busy!). At one point Gwen pushed Cole; he fell down and came running over to me. He was looking at me (i'm holding the baby and talking with the nurse) but clung on to the nurse's leg. We certainly were a circus act! Thankfully after about an hour of this Andy was able to come get the big kids. Reid and i stayed for another few hours to get a chest Xray and a few other O2 readings.

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