Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Months Old

I swore that I was going to be more on the ball with Reid's 5 month pics so here they are! At 5 months old Reid is an expert at tummy time. He has only rolled over a few times but can push up very high and creep backwards. A few times I have seen him stick his bottom up in the air and push backwards. He fits into 6-12 month clothing and 9 month clothing well. He is into everything but still likes to be carried around (now he just grabs on to things as we pass by them). He specially enjoys pulling Gwen's hair. His hand continue to be fun but his feet are his newest discovery. He enjoys lying on his back and trying to pull his socks off. Everything goes in his mouth. During this photo shoot, he squealed with excitement every time he got Tigger's nose in his mouth. He still does not sleep well at night but does consistently nap during the day when we are at home. When we're on the go, he powers through because he does not want to miss the action.

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