Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Reidster

Reid has been growing like a weed! He is now close to 17 lbs and is already up to no good! He recently learned the art of scooting backwards on his tummy. He pushes with his arms and also is getting good at sticking his bottom up in the air and rocking back on his knees. This is the main way he gets around as he is not yet comfortable rolling over. It is funny because he seems to know that he can roll over but can't figure out how to move his arm out of the way to do so. He is also sitting up well now with little assistance and knows the words "kiss, kiss" (he smacks his lips together) and "tap, tap" (he uses both hands to tap the table/floor etc.). He is enjoying being able to be down on the floor and play with the big kids and lights up when Cole and Gwen give him attention!

Check out the pic above where he officially left his tummy time mat. Also, there is one of him on the kitchen floor. I put him down for a minute on his tummy and he managed to push himself across the room and wedge himself under the highchair!

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