Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why????

Can someone tell me why 3 year olds ask 1,001 "Why?" and "What happened?" questions a day? I feel like 75% of my day is spent attempting to answer their questions! They not only want to know why I chose to wear these pants today but they also want to know why it is snowing outside! The funnies part (and most frustrating part at the same time) is when one child asked a string of these why questions and then the other piggybacks off of it only to ask the SAME EXACT QUESTIONS. A lot of times i find myself answering the questions and then asking them: "What did Mommy just tell Gwen/Cole?".

Some days I like to reference one of my funny twin books just to know that other multiples mommies have had similar experiences. Yesterday I read a chapter where the author said that when her twins were this age she felt like she was in the movie Groundhog Day because every morning she woke up and could predict how most of her day was going to go. I had to laugh because every morning Cole walked into our bedroom and asks: "Mommy/Daddy, I had a good nap?" and halfway asleep one of us always says: "Yes, buddy, you had a good sleep" to which her freaks out and yells: "No, i had a good NAP!".

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