Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Easter Egg Hunts!

On Sunday afternoon Cole and Gwen participated in their first Easter Egg Hunt this year at the Moms of Multiples of the Lehigh Valley Easter Party. Gwen picked up on the concept very quickly and run around the room grabbing eggs. It took Cole a few minutes to warm up but he got a few eggs for his basket once we moved to a less crowded area.

On Monday (4/11/11), we went to a local park for an easter celebration with our Club Mom friends. The egg hunt consisted of a bunch of plastic eggs being thrown into an open field. Cole and Gwen joined the youngest kids so that they would not get trampled by the older kids. Gwen went right to it and got about 15 eggs. Cole was busy watching the other kids and staying close to mommy that he only got 3 eggs. Everyone got a prize at the end and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast together. After a little while, Gwen decided that she was finished and said: "All done, mommy. Go home" while leading me towards the car.

Cole has been very funny recently. The other evening he slipped in the bathroom and said: "Darn it!". He has been playing for hours with his Handy Manny tool set. He takes the "saw", "screwdriver" "wrench" etc. out and also enjoys dancing while the tools move up and down.

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