Monday, April 4, 2011

America on Wheels

On Saturday, 4/2/11, we took the kids to America on Wheels here in Allentown. They enjoyed looking at the cars, motorcycles etc. Cole was running around saying: "big firetruck" and "Look, daddy, segway!". The highlight of the trip was at the end when they went in the toddler room and raced small cars down a ramp.

Cole seems to have a good sense of direction. When we're driving he will say things like: "roller coasters, cole's side" before Dorney Park is in sight. When we were driving through the city heading to America on Wheels, he said "farmers market" where we would turn to go shopping. He also proudly announced "cali burrito" when we pulled into a local mexican restaurant (I guess he has been to this place often since i've been pregnant. he he.). Both kids love looking at cars, trucks, planes etc. In fact, the construction in our neighborhood is a MUST see every day. They yell "excavator, my side, mommy!" and "loader, cole's side!". There are often fights about whose side of the car these things will be on.

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