Friday, April 8, 2011

We've Been Having Fun!

The other night out of the blue, Cole came up to me with his fist in front of him and said: "hand bump" (referring to a fist bump). Gwen has been enjoying helping mommy and daddy in the kitchen. She often pulls her chair over to the island so she can see what is going on and ask to help. Yesterday, she helped me get the asparagus ready to go in the oven. Afterwards, she enjoyed playing with a small cup of water and a papertowel. She must have wiped the cup and the island down for at least 20 minutes! (see pic). Cole has been obsessed with his Hey, All book about birds. He tells us about the Dodo, penguin, pelican, hummingbird, kingfisher etc. every day. He has also been enjoying his new subscription to National Geographic Kids. This week he learned about lemurs and bobcats. Lastly, the kids have been fighting a lot about whose side of the car the "excavator" and "loaders" will be on each day.

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