Monday, April 4, 2011

A Cold Morning at the Rose Garden & MOD

On Monday, 3/28, 11, my friend Sarah N. and I decided to take the kids to the Rose Gardens to burn some energy. Yes, it was cold. Yes, we bundled up... BUT...we didn't realize how long the walking loop was going to be with three dawdling toddlers and an infant in a stroller! Cole sounded like a game show host when he was narrating everything he saw: "Look Mommy, airplane in the sky. flying!" and "Duck splash in the water. Quack!". Gwen was a good sport and walked along talking about the "little birdies". Sarah and I learned our lesson to stick a little closer to the cars because when 3 toddlers and a baby start to whine and then fuss and then CRY, one needs to move faster than lightening! heh.

On Tuesday, 3/29/11, I took Cole and Gwen to Andy's work for a March of Dimes event. We are one of the ambassador families this year for the March of Dimes walk. The kids pictures and preemie story were on posterboards and broadcasted on corporate news recently in hopes of raising money for the event. Daddy failed to mention how far of a walk it was going to be from the car to the dining hall, where we were instructed ot keep the kids busy at a table for about 1.5 hours! I felt like i was dragging cole through the halls and he has a habit of moaning and making silly noises while he walks, which i'm sure was a little distracting to Air Products employees. I packed a lot of activities for the kids but they ended up playing with playdough the entire time and semi-chatting with a few employees. They were very well behaved and took beautiful naps when we got home, which made for a very happy mommy :)

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