Monday, April 4, 2011

Fish Hatchery Visit, B-Day Party and Zoo

We enjoyed a family visit to the fish hatchery on Sat. 3/26/11. The kids make me slightly less nervous with all of the open water now that they are more stable on their feet. However, this is still not an activity that i feel comfortable doing by myself. Gwen and Cole had fun purchasing fish food and then feeding them. Cole loved the duck and kept running after it making obnoxious quacking noises. The poor thing couldn't get away fast enough! And of course we posed for a picture with the fish statue :)

After naps we went to Lamha's Birthday Party. Cole and Gwen had fun running around with the other kids and kept saying "Happy Birthday Lamha!". They were So excited when it was time to sing the Happy Birthday Song :) Cole tried a little Indian cuisine and Gwen held out for the cake.

On Sunday, 3/27/11, we headed to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. We hadn't been there since the fall but the kids knew exactly where the animals were located. They ran around yelling: "penguins, river otter, goats, bobcat, camel" etc. Cole enjoyed watching the goats eat and made the perfect goat noise back at them as they talked. Gwen enjoyed posing for pictures where she was able to poke her head through a sign (she had seen a picture in a photo album recently where mommy, nana, pap pap and aunt erienne had done this). The best accomplishment of the day, however, was that the kids WALKED the entire time. I'm hoping this means that i can ditch the stroller next time we go.

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