Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

the kids have been singing this daily for the past week for a good reason-- the darn rain just will not let up! Some people may wonder how we manage to entertain two 2.5 year olds on rainy days... Let's just say there is been a lot of creative play. Cole started using his "super duper computer" to help him move his super letters on the fridge. We have played with all of his tools non-stop and have read books like Hush Little Digger until mommy could no longer read/sing. We've played many rounds of "Ring around the Rosy" and have made many trains out of pillows! We have also managed to go outside in our rain gear and jump in MANY puddles. One evening, daddy and i held umbrellas and stood on either side of a puddle in the road so the kids could jump, jump, jump and splash, splash, splash!

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