Friday, May 6, 2011

Delaware Visit 4/24/11-4/26/11

Gwen, Cole and I had a lot of fun with Nana and Pap Pap over the Easter holiday. On sunday we went down to the Riverfront and Cole had a blast looking at the cranes and sea gulls while Gwen enjoyed putting her hands in puddles and making handprints on the pavement. Both kids loved wearing their rain boots and jumped...and jumped...and jumped in puddles. Cole then got upset because he was so wet. Cole found a worm on the ground and picked it up to show everyone :) Then the kids tried clown sundaes for the first time. Gwen ate the majority of hers and cole took a few bites and then was done. Gwen has a little sweet tooth and she definitely takes advantage of her few opportunities to enjoy sugary snacks. We also dyed easter eggs which was quite an experience. The kids didn't want to use the wire gadget and instead chose to reach their hands into the cups to retrieve the dyed eggs! We also had an outdoor easter egg hunt and visited the Brandywine Zoo with Nana and Aunt Erienne where the kids got to go in the goat cage and jump in more puddles.

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