Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few updates...

1. Over Memorial Day weekend we potty trained Gwen. She took to it pretty quickly and was thrilled to wear her big girl underwear. Go Gwen! Mommy's little girl is growing up! The funniest part of training was when she decorated a box and filled it with diapers for her baby brother. She then played with the box by pushing it around with her animals on top. Finally, she started standing on it at the very second that she had her first accident. The box was covered with a puddle of pee and gwen said: "I very wet, mommy. Big puddle".

2. Cole has a new obsession with carrots. He hasn't been eating great over the past few weeks (he always says: "other snack, mama" "other food, mama") but the other day Andy asked him what he wated to eat and he said: "carrots". Cole then asked for a "bigger carrot" so Daddy let him pick his own. he chose 8 carrots and ate them and then wanted 2 more!

3. Cole has been very excited about his library books. He has to have them in his room when he sleeps and he always piles them up in a perfect little pile. His favorite books involve construction equipment, dinosaurs, and dump trucks. He knows every word in each book and can sit for hours reading by himself.

4. The kids helped daddy wash the cars the other day. They have been having such a fun time now that the weather is nice and they're old enough to enjoy the sprinkler, water table and hose. Cole often gets so cold that he is shivering but he still refuses to stop playing. Gwen enjoys making pretend ice cream sundaes and other random things with her buckets/shovels etc. Both kids scoop the water and water everything in our backyard from their sunflowers to the compost bin!

5. Over the weekend, Cole and Gwen had fun with Nana and Pap Pap while mommy and daddy went to IKEA to get some furniture for the new nursery.

6. We have been trying to spend more one on one time with the kids recently. Gwen and daddy ran errands on monday and mommy and Cole did the same. We also played at the playground separately. It is very nice and much easier to pay attention to one child's needs at a time :)

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