Sunday, May 22, 2011

News Flash: We Have Seen Some Sunlight!

This weekend the weather has been pretty nice. Yesterday we decided to head to Lone Lane playground in the morning and Cole and Gwen enjoyed climbing up the playground equipment and going down the "twisty slides" with Daddy. After naps, we moved all of the kids outdoor toys from the basement to the patio and they had a blast splashing in the water table, riding in the coupe car and exploring for "insects". Gwen seems to direct a lot of their play. She kept saying: "come Cole. Come sit here next to me" and "Let's make handprints". He usually follows right behind her when she asks him too (and sometimes when she does not ask).

Today (Sunday) we decided to explore a park in Macungie for the first time. The kids loved chasing rabbits and ducks. They also had fun looking for insects and running over the bridges. Almost all of the pictures that i took show animals being run off by our two little monsters! (Look carefully at the pics to see a scared bunny running away and a duck flying away)

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