Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reid Tries Solids for the First time!

On Sunday, 1/22/12, Andy got Cole's old highchair out of the basement, sat REid in it and gave him some pureed bananas for the first time. The kid couldn't get enough! He was so excited that he leaned in for more and was kicking all around. I had mixed feelings about giving him solids at 4.5 months but both the pedi and the allergist recommended starting to expose him to different foods to minimize the chances of him developing food allergies. We were at the allergists office last week and Reid's skin testing showed that he is allergic to cats, pollen, weeds, mold and peanuts. This is a side note but can i tell you how difficult it is to hold a 15 lb little man in your arms without touching his back for 15 minutes while his back gets all red and itchy? I sure wish the nurse had given me a little heads up to get into a comfortable position before she started pricking his back.

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