Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gwen's Big Girl Room

When we got back to PA we decided it was finally time for GWen to have her own room. She has been going back and forth between the convertible crib and pack and plays in the nursery and master for months now. It got to the point where she called one room "Cole's room" and one room "Reid's room". She was THRILLED to snuggle in to her big girl bed. She loves that her bed it bigger than the pack and play because it means she can have many more stuffed animals and blankets by her side. At this rate I'm thinking I'm going to need to weed through her stuff at least once a week!

Cole and Gwen have not been napping often recently. If Cole isn't tired he usually reads a few books, plays with his trains and rolls around in his nest to pass the time. Gwen, on the otherhand, is a trouble maker. She gets into everything she possibly can! Right before she moved into her big girl room she found a container of vaseline in the nursery and put it on the nursing chair, carpet and her hair!

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