Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Day Activities

After lunch we went to cousin Melanie's to celebrate Christmas with our family. Cole and Gwen remembered that Santa had stopped by last year and seemed very excited about it this time around. When we got to Reading, Cole and REid were sleeping so I stayed in the car with them while Gwen went inside with Daddy. Apparently she loved all of the attention. It is so nice now that the twins are older because a lot of times Andy and I don't have to be right next to them when we are out and about. Instead they feel comfortable with some of our relatives and close friends which makes things a lot easier for Mommy and Daddy.

Santa did make an appearance and both kids were happy to see him!

After dinner, cousin Elizabeth, Anne and Andrew came to hang out. I've been trying to explain to the kids that they will be in Elizabeth's wedding in a few months but I don't think they quite get it. They do understand that weddings happen when people love each other and that the "mommy wears a pretty dress"....

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