Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silly Toddler Quotes

Today Cole was frantically looking for the play oven mitt in the front room. Gwen and I were snacking in kitchen. I looked at her and asked: "Do you happen to know where the oven mitt might be?". She turned to me and said: "Mama, I don't remember EVERYTHING". heh.

The other day I asked Gwen a question and she went southern on me by answering: "Yes, Maam".

Cole has been refusing to nap recently. I have been standing strong that he needs to have quiet time in his room for a little while before he comes downstairs and that he does not get a special treat of watching TV while Gwen is asleep. Today he kept pestering me to watch his "digger movie" and I told him that when Gwen woke up they could watch it. As soon as he heard her peep upstairs he went running up. I heard him say: "Gwen, digger movie, wake up, hurry, digger movie. o-tay, o-tay, o-tay?".

This evening Gwen was in the coupe car pretending to go through the drive through to get her "medicine". She pulled up to me and told me her full name "Gwenie Pearl Stamps". I asked for her address and she said: "I live in my house" and then she pretended to pay me. As she was pulling away she said: "I have to concentrate to drive now". I wonder where she's heard that one! Oh and then Cole wanted to pretend to go through the drive through. When i asked him where he lived, he said: "On a farm". "Yes, Cole, sometimes i also feel like i live on a farm!"

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