Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Movie Experience

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011 I took the kids to their first movie- Yogi Bear. It was playing at the Rave theatre as part of their free summer kids series. I talked them ahead of time about movies and theaters and we even watched a few clips of Yogi Bear online. I thought i had prepared them well...until we were met by someone dressed up as a cow on the way into the building. Both kids immediately wanted to be picked up. So...i lugged my bag and a kid under each arm inside. Thankfully they both walked once we were past the cow....that is until we got into the actual theater and cole got scared. He wanted me to pick him up and all of his crying caused gwen to react and by the time we got to the seats, they were both crying. Cole was VERY upset. He was on my lap sideways and clinging to my shirt...actually gnawing on my shirt. Gwen settled down a little bit as i pointed out all of the other kids and the lights etc. I kept telling myself that as soon as the movie came on they would understand and perk up. Well...the movie came on with a bang and at that point they were both running for the door screaming: "no, no scary movie". Then i carried my bag and two kids out of the building and that was that. Then what is this cute picture above, you may ask? That is of them eating a snack and watching the fountains WELL after all of the movie commotion.

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