Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sibling Hospital Tour

This morning I took Cole and Gwen to Lehigh Valley Hospital for a sibling tour of the mommy baby unit. We got there early and sat on the couches to eat a snack and watch the people go by. Cole was very excited to see the little "cars" and people rushing by. When there was a lull, he kept saying: "Mommy, no people coming now" and then would announce: "there someone is!" During the tour we met baby Alex and Gwen was glowing the entire time. She was SO excited to see a little baby up close and personal. She was not thrilled about the idea of leaving baby Alex at the hospital but perked up when the tour guide, Dawn, gave her a newborn diaper and infant hat for bunny/blankie. We shoved both of them in the diaper and tried to get the hat to fit the best we could. Cole was not thrilled about putting the hat or diaper on his special animal, Chickie, and refused to be in the picture with Chickie.

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