Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life with Two Toddlers...

includes many evenings of dance party and lots of creativity. Tonight the kids had a lot of energy so Daddy got up and danced with them. Cole proudly rolled around on the ground doing somersaults and looking like he was the king of break dancing. When he dances he always swings his right arm back and forth. Gwen was a little more reserved but she had fun spinning in circles and bopping around.

Then the kids discovered some large pieces of paper that had been used to wrap a custom frame. We had them lie down on it and traced their bodies. Afterwards, they used crayons to color themselves. Gwen has been getting much better with drawing recently. Tonight she gave herself "eyes, nose, ears, sticky up hair, shoes, belly button" etc. Cole hasn't quite gotten the hang of drawing at this point but he did have a blast coloring.

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