Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cole's Haircut

This morning I took the kids to Sweet and Sassy for Cole to get his first salon haircut. Gwen's eyes lit up when she saw all of the bows and other girlie products as we walked through the door. We had to wait for a little while. The stylist, Gabrielle, was very sweet to cole and he even sat in the chair by himself. He refused to wear the cape but we went with it. He played with a glow ball that she handed him and stayed very calm until he realized that he was getting little clumps of hair all over him. After a short freak out he was fine again. Unfortunatly the stylist didn't do the best job and kind of butchered his hair. She kept going shorter and shorter to get things "straightened out". Oh well... Afterwards the kids wanted to walk hand in hand (pics to follow) around the promenade. We ate lunch at the pita pit and then did a little shopping for some summer baseball hats and sunglasses. Both kids were thrilled to pick out these items!

Last week when i wasn't feeling well i took the kids upstairs to look through some boxes of kids books. Cole found a book about trains and has been looking through it several times a day on his own. He has yet to let me read it to him. HE is also enjoying an M&M's counting book.

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