Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elephants and other news

Yesterday morning at the breakfast table, Andy and i were discussing a situation. He said something like: "i hope this happens or it will be like there is an elephant in the room". Promptly we had two toddlers making elephant noises and swinging their trunks around!

Both kids have been loving toward each other recently. When one is upset, the other brings his/her favorite animals to him. The other day Gwen hurt her lip and cole wanted to help me hold a water cup for her to get a drink.

Gwen went on to bust her lip again the other day. She went down the slide at Breinigsville park head first and landed in the mulch :( I still don't knwo what happened but i'm assuming she lost her balance as she was trying to sit while wearing snow boots and layers of clothing. Poor little girl now has a busted swollen lip in two places.

This morning we took a winter walk at Rodale. Cole walked close to a mile and Gwen alternated between walking and riding in the stroller. Cole enjoys being out in nature like his grandpa. He stops to look at the geese and to count them. At the end of the walk we asked him what he enjoyed the most and he said: "Turkey Vulture".

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