Sunday, March 13, 2011

A fun weekend

Last week Cole decided to do a little discipline. The situation went something like this:
Gwen (sitting quietly in timeout as the timer goes off)
Cole (runs over to Gwen): "Why, Gwen, Why?" "Why throw carrots?" "Say sorry" "Clean up".
That about sums it up..

Yesterday we had a visit from the Andersons, Rhoades & Kreigers. We enjoyed a yummy turkey fry together and had fun catching up. Gwen and Cole were a little shy at first but it didn't take them long to come out of their shells. They LOVED being the center of attention and singing all of their favorites for everyone. They sang, danced, snuggled and had so much fun. Cole in particular was a ham during singing/dancing. His current favorites are The Wheels on the Bus, A Rum Sum Sum, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Nana & Pap Pap brought Gwen's infant carseat. This mronign when gwen woke up she looked up at daddy and said "play carseat". She has had a blast strapping Hop Hop in and also sitting in it herself. In fact, she watched TV from it (see above picture)

Today on the way to the grocery store, the kids had their first verbal fight that mommy and daddy could understand. They usually argue over which side of the car will have the most "diggers" but today the argument was over wanting more vs. less diggers. Cole started chanting "more diggers"and Gwen was annoyed. she kept saying "no more diggers" and "go away diggers". The argument escalated for a few minutes while mommy and daddy laughed in the front seats :)

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