Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Delaware Visit

On thursday we drove to DE for a visit with family and friends. First we went to Eileen and Ian's house for some fun. The kids played well but unfortunately didn't nap well at all, which led to fussy kids later in the evening. Later we went to Nana and Pap Pap's house. The kids were very excited to see them and the coo koo clock. Cole jumped out of his seat and threw his milk cup across the room when it came out.

On friday we went to the DE Children's museum with the Michalski family. Cole LOVED the water table room and didn't want to leave. The choo choo was also a hit as well as several ball machines.

On saturday gwen was not feeling well. Cole was so excited about breakfast and proudly said: "English Muffin Time!" in the voice of a game show host. Later in the afternoon, Pap Pap and Cole went for a walk while the girls colored and hung out at the house. Gwen was coloring and i said "psst. psst". She ignored me for awhile and then finally rolled her eyes at me. Nana and mommy cracked up and gwen tried to do it again but she was laughing too hard. So cute!

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