Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Adventures

 Gwen's second top front tooth fell out on 1/16.  She wiggled that little one super hard to get it out.

On Sunday, 1/17, we went to The Inside Scoop to celebrate Mommy's birthday.  It has become a tradition to go for ice cream for birthdays and The Inside Scoop seems to be the the biggest hit.  Each time we go the kids ask to try the volcano which consists of like 14 scoops of ice cream and multiple toppings.  Thankfully they always settle for a single scoop of ice cream.
 They didn't have mint chocolate chip so Cole tried oreo mint.  andy said he looked like he had been making out with a Leprechaun.
 A rare photo of Reid.
 Check out that tooth gap!
 Quakertown playgound in the snow.  What could be better?
Still sliding after an hour in the snow and wind!

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