Sunday, January 24, 2016


The tablets kids got for birthdays and Christmas have been a big hit.  How sweet is it to see Reid with his arm around Cole?  It is super sweet considering he is often trying to figure out the limits of rough play with his big bro.

This kid has two super wiggly top front teeth.  He refuses to pull at them and does not want help.  I'm pretty certain they will just fall out into some food this week!  Also note Cole's reddish eyes.  The school nurse called on Wednesday because he needed to be picked up.  Her guess was pink eye and she was correct.  Thankfully after a lot of fussing I managed to get the eye drops into Cole's eyes (Andy was skiing) and he hasn't put up much of a fuss since.  We have our fingers crossed that everyone else stays pink eye free.  The doctor did seem amazed that we had managed to avoid it for 7 years :)

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