Monday, January 18, 2016

New Years Eve Celebration

This was the year that the kids announced that they wanted to stay up to watch the ball drop so we went with it.  We bought all of the supplies including light up glasses, noisemakers and chocolate fondue.  Well...before we even set up the chocolate fondue and sparkling cider the kids started dropping like flies.  Reid asked to go up early.  Cole decided to watch the movie another time.  Gwen lost her first top tooth and the adrenaline kept her up until about 11:15 pm but at that point her little eyes were closing and she decided to call it a night.  A few hours after these pictures were taken we figured out that the boys had a nasty virus.  They had fevers,chills and were miserable for days.  Gwen dodged it at first but came down with it the following week.  What a way to welcome in 2016!

 Poor guy only made it to 6:42 pm
 Sporting the light up sunglasses!
 Down for the count at 8:58 pm
Check out that tooth gap!

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