Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reid's Big Boy Bunk Bed

After much thought we decided to purchase Reid a set of bunk beds with trundle as his first big boy bed.  He is a very restless sleeper and rarely stays in his convertible crib all night so up until this point we just kind of went with the flow.  But recently he has been looking huge when i put him in the crib after his breathing treatment at night so we decided to try out a big boy bed.  Reid was on board right away.  He was happy when his new set of dinosaurs comforters arrived and he loved sleeping on the new mattress on the floor while Daddy and big kids assembled his new bed.  Tonight is the first night he is snuggled up in his new bed.  He looks so small in the bed with all of his stuffed animals surrounding him.  He wanted to hold a new stuffed animal that he bought today at Cabelas but his two favorite dog dogs were placed right by his side for middle of the night snuggles.
 Pre bed time picture
 He's a happy boy!
And of course i had to take one after i laid him down after we snuggled during his breathing treatment.

Oh and this afternoon we took a last minute trip to Cabelas.  We had planned to see a movie but we missed the start of the only one in the area.  Our back up plan was to head to the science center but when we pulled into the parking lot it was a madhouse.  I knew Andy had been wanting to buy some new snow boots and look at winter coats so we made sure we had snacks for the kids and headed to Cabelas.
 Kids posing with a large catfish.
And i watched the "drive" these ATVS and couldn't help but think that one day we will have to teach them to drive.  Thankfully they have a very patient Daddy because I don't think this Mama will be able to handle that kind of stress!

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