Monday, December 28, 2015

Kreiger/Stamps/Plourde Family Holiday Trip to Longwood Gardens

Instead of exchanging presents this year our families decided to plan to do a Holiday activity together.  Erienne thought it would be nice to go to the light display at Longwood Gardens.  Since we were a little late in giving Pap Pap his 75th Birthday Present we brought along the book that we had made of special stories and memories from friends and family, and gave it to him.  We chose a spot by a heat lamp because we went on the coldest day of the season.  Pap Pap was surprised by the present and said that he looked forward to reading the individual entries later.  The kids were bundled up complete with snow pants, hats and gloves.  I had to giggle because there were at least three people who told me that it was smart to put them in snow pants.  Cousin Rose showed up a little late but we still got to enjoy some time with her.  She loves interacting with Gwen, Cole and Reid and they definitely play it up for her.

 Checking out the train display.  This is the exact sight of the incident that occurred a few weeks prior when Reid had mulch in his hand and a Longwood employee yelled at him to put it down.  Reid was very upset and Nana and Pap Pap said it took a trip to the car, dog dogs and 45 minutes to calm him down.
 Pap Pap opening his birthday present.

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