Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Activities 2015

On 12/10/15 we went to the check out the holiday lights at the LV Zoo.  This has become an annual tradition and this year our friends joined us in the fun.  We enjoyed time walking around, searching for the animals in the dark; spinning on the merry go round that makes Mommies and Daddies sick just watching kids go around and around; sipping hot chocolate and making smores and just being wild and crazy kids  I swear Reid was present but he was not in a great mood and refused to be photographed.

 Max, Noah, Cole, Emmalyn and Gwen posing with Santa

We waited for awhile to go inside this slow globe that deflates every time people go in/out.  At one point we realized that Reid was not in line with us only to find out that he fallen asleep in the stroller.  In it a good thing he did because these 7 year olds were out of control.  Within seconds of entering the globe Cole fell off the stage.  Looking back i have no idea how i was elected to take them in and did i mention that there were at least 30 spectators watching our craziness?

On Saturday 12/12/15 we were planning to meet up with the Waldrup Family to go to the Macungie Holiday Celebration for the first time.  Unfortunately, one of their kids was not feeling well but we decided to check out the activity anyway.  We enjoyed a carriage ride around the park and then headed to the fire station to make glitter stockings.  The glitter and glue were a huge hit with the kids.  We decided that they would make perfect outdoor holiday decorations.  We also voted for the best gingerbread house and bought a special Moravian star Christmas ornament to add to our collection.

 Cole holding his stocking before the glitter and glue started running

Yes, Reid rubbed his head up against the glitter glue and then had a tantrum that he had sticky glue in his hair!

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