Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

I'm sitting here on New Years Eve reflecting on the wonderful year I have had with my family.  Today I took Gwen and Cole to see their first official movie in the theater.  I tried to take them a few years ago and we only lasted for the first preview before leaving the theater in tears (Yes, I was practically teary at that point too since I was very pregnant and just trying to do something fun with my kids!).  This afternoon I decided to try again and take G & C to see Frozen.  They were excited and asked all kinds of questions on the drive over to the theater.  We enjoyed some special time together complete with lots of snuggles, hand-holding, popcorn and only a few tears.  The cutest part was that Cole kept asking questions about how the main character froze things and he always chose to ask during parts of the movie when there was silence in the theater "Mama, what happened?  How did she make her ice?".  After the movie we had a crazy energetic dinner at home complete with a little bouncing (see pics below) and then our family sat at the table with our cheese and cracker platter (a Stamps tradition!) and talked about all of the fun activities that we shared in 2013.  Andy and I kept cracking up at the little things that Gwen and Cole mentioned including getting the flu mist.  As I was sitting there trying to enjoy the special moments with my family, I couldn't help but feel a little twinge of guilt that I hadn't worked harder to continue my blog during 2013.  So here I sit on New Years Eve ready to get to work on it....Back to March 2013...
 Gwen's first Movie Experience
 Cole's First Movie
 New  Years Eve Bouncing

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