Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Week in Review...

1. Reid slept most of the week away but we celebrated him turning one month old especially after he started waking less during the night!

2. Gwen and Cole re-discovered "The pom Pom Activity", which consists of giving them each some colored pom poms along with plastic cups and plastic spoons. They had a blast transferring them back and forth, making "ice cream sundaes" and sorting by color. After playing for about 45 minutes, they decided that it would be fun to pile the pom poms on little Reid. This activity kind of reminded me of the time they covered my pregnant belly with post its!

3. I took the kids to Savidge Farms to enjoy a little fall fun on the combine slide. They loved playing in the corn box and had fun choosing little pumpkins for themselves and baby Reid.

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