Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Toddlerisms...

The past few weeks Gwen has been very into the phrase "what happened?". She asks this question whenever possible and continues to ask even after I explain what happened to her in excessive detail. Several of my mommy friends have told me that "What happened?" is soon followed by "Why?". I can't say i'm looking forward to answering "But why?" questions day in and day out but i'm sure it will make for some interesting conversation. Usually when the kids ask me something and i don't have an answer they say: "Ask daddy when daddy comes home".

Yesterday, I was helping Gwen off of the potty and onto the stepstool to wash her hands. She insisted on climbing up the side of the stepstool and as she was doing it she said: "Well...that's one way to do it!". Guess she got that phrase from her daddy!

This afternoon the kids were watching TV and a pigeon was on the screen. They both got off of the couch; went over to the TV screen and started making a loud noise. It took me a minute but i finally realized that they were trying to "scare away the bird". They have been doing this when birds are in our yard and when there are flies in the house.

Cole is still very interested in who is around and what we are all doing. He proudly announces "We all are eating dinner- Coleman, Gwen, Daddy, Mommy and Baby Reid". He has been extremely excited about attending school. When i get there early to pick the kids up, i always here him enthusiastically answering Miss. Kristin's academic questions.

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