Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Day to Day....

Last night Andy was helping Gwen wash her hands at the sink while she was singing a newly made up song about soapy bubbles and hand washing. He looked at me and said: "Sometimes I feel like i'm living in a musical". I just had to laugh because that statement really summed things up. Between Cole and Gwen, we are constantly listening to singing. Cole randomly busts out his ABC's and other songs. He also likes to combine tunes. His newest is Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers to the tune of Where is Thumbkin? Gwen, on the otherhand, prefers to make up tunes and songs to describe what she is currently doing. Also, she likes to combine nursery rhymes. Yesterday she was going around saying: "Humpty Dumpty sat on a tuffet" followed by "Mommy, i want a tuffett". Silly 2 year olds!!!!

Recently Gwen has been calling Cole "Bob". She goes around saying: "Come here, Bob", "It's time to go, Bob" etc. Today I finally figured out that she has heard me call him "Bub" and has put a new spin on this nickname. heh.

Gwen has been a little mommy recently. Whenever I say "ouch" or make a groaning noise, she jumps in with: "You ok, mommy?".

For months, we sang "The Chicken Dance" to the kids before they went to sleep. A few weeks ago, Gwen decided to start telling us: "No, no singing Chicken Dance". Since Cole still wanted us to sing and i was tired of Gwen yelling during the entire song, one night i told her: "Just cover your ears". Ever since she has been covering her ears and grinning ear to ear when we sing to Cole :)

Cole LOVES to use the word OK but he says it very energetically and it sounds more like: "O-tay, O-tay, O-tay!". He inserts it into practically every conversation he has! He also says "Yeah" often and draws it out in a southern accent: "Yeeeaaahhh".

Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row that Cole refused to nap. Mommy was very happy that he did decide to relax in his room and read his books for all of 1 hour, 15 minutes. I watched him on the video camera and noticed that he was off camera for a few minutes. I decided that it was time to go upstairs to praise him for such a good Quiet Time, only to discover him at the gate saying: "dirty, mommy". Yes, Cole when you take your diaper off and play with your poop, you end up VERY DIRTY. Thankfully mommy had had a good rest beforehand and was able to deal with bathing a poopy kid as well as cleaning up the poop smears on the carpet...

Today we told the kids that we were planning to go to The Crayola Factory tomorrow. We tried to explain to them that we would see crayons being made and get to do a bunch of fun activities. Cole kept insisting that we were going to "see letters". I told him that there would be plenty of letters to see but thought it was a strange connection. Finally this evening i realized that he thought we were going to The Letter Factory (a DVD that the kids watched a lot between 18 and 24 months) where the characters visit a factory that makes letters.

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