Monday, February 24, 2014

Reid, Reid, Reid

Reid is quite a character!  The other day we had the following conversation:

R:  "Mama, you see my mad face?  You see my angry face?" (he certainly did have a look on his face!)
M:  "I see your angry face.  Why are you angry?"
R:  "I angry at you Mom but I still play with you"

The kid has been in tune to his emotions for awhile now.  Yesterday we hosted a get together with 11 kids and 10 adults and he asked me several times to put him in his crib with some books.  I was pretty impressed that a 2 year old was able to communicate feeling overwhelmed and ask to go to a calm down spot.

He is obsessed with dinosaurs and diggers.  He insists on playing a dinosaur info game on Andy's Ipad after the big kids go to bed.  He is also becoming interested in his letters and can recognize them and tell us the sounds that they make.

Tonight at dinner he was telling Daddy what we did today.  He stood up on his chair and announced:  "Daddy, we go to Wegmans and we get cinnamon".  The scrunched up look on his face and the inflection in his voice was priceless.

Some of REid's favorite things include snuggling dog dog, dino and Mommy; stopping at the grocery store to see the lobsters and the train; waving and running with the fish at the Science Center and at LL Bean; riding on his bike while i push; reading books about dinosaurs and diggers; instigating wrestling matches with Cole; playing make believe with stuffed animals and Gwen; listening to Don Alfredo Baila from music class (to which the other kids scream "NO!!!!") and drinking milk.

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