Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cape May Zoo and Ocean City Boardwalk

On Saturday, July 21, 2012 it was a little cooler so we decided to go to the Cape May Zoo with Nana and Pap Pap.  Apparently everyone had the same idea because we had never seen so many people at the zoo!  We had fun walking around.  Cole decided he was hungry pretty early on so he and Daddy went to buy him a hotdog which he scarfed down in seconds.  Gwen enjoyed spending time with Nana and her babydoll, Matilda.  

 Gwen's favorite doll, Matilda, who usually lives at Nana's house.
 Squirmy Wormy Reid

That evening we went to the boardwalk with Nana, Pap Pap, Mimi & Grandpa.  Cole and Gwen knew what to do this time around-- they practically pulled us onto the rides and they were happy to ride by themselves!
 Cole riding by himself for the first time.  We were shouting at him to hold on but he giggled with delight each time he rounded the corner!
 Gwen riding by herself for the first time.
 A little brother-sister ride.  Notice how Cole's hands are up by his face.  He does this when he is VERY excited.  One day he saw a bunny outside and ran inside, put his hands by his face and shook them before he  could get out the words:  "mommy, mommy, mommy we saw saw a bunny!"
 Reid enjoyed his puffs and some pizza crust on the boardwalk
Reid's first taste of ice cream.  He was jumping out of Daddy's arms to have a second and third lick.  He must be MY baby :)

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