Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thomas the Train

For the kids birthday, we went as a family to Thomas the Train. We met the Michalski (Deanna, Marcin, Gavin, Kaleb & Jakob) family there and had a blast! The highlight was the ride on Thomas. Cole's face lit up every time he saw Thomas come into the station. He chatted the entire time we rode Thomas. Gwen happily snuggled with Daddy and Reid cooed at Mommy. Afterwards we rode a small train and the kids did hand operated carts with Daddy. On the way home we stopped in Reading to visit Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Gene. The big kids and daddy napped in the car for a little while which allowed Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Gene to hang out with Mommy and Reid. Reid was in a GREAT mood. He cooed, smiled and talked the entire time! Afterwards the big kids came in and Cole enjoyed reading Dinotrux with Uncle Gene while Gwen ate them out of house and home! We had such a wonderful day. We are definitely finding it much easier to do these types of activities now that the twins are older and a little more flexible as far as napping goes.

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